These photographs were selected from the artist’s most extensive photography project, in and around Mexico's fantastical wrestling-theatre of Lucha Libre. While living in Mexico City during the Spring of 2001, Fairbanks, a former collegiate wrestler, began photographing the surly performers and dingy arenas around the country.
Longing to transcend the literal and figurative threshold between observer and observed, photographer and subject, Fairbanks returned to Mexico in 2004 and began training with the Chiapan fighters he photographed three years previous. Meanwhile, as artist-in-residence at a community art gallery, he taught photography to local children. When the fair-skinned and thickly accented El Gato Tuerto (The One-Eyed Cat) finally made his Mexican wrestling debut, Fairbanks’ students photographed his performance. Shortly thereafter, at an exhibition in San Francisco, the students' documentation of The One-Eyed Cat hung proudly amongst Fairbanks' own photographs of Lucha Libre.
photographs one-eyed cat