Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nisimazine | Itw/Portrait: Martens, Renzo

Nisimazine | Itw/Portrait: Martens, Renzo

To what extent is the Renzo in the film a character?

I am a character, but I’m acting myself. I tried to be the most realistic and sincere ambassador of us. This means I’m a little interested in them, but not too much. I think they are slightly stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t have been poor and would have colonised us instead. If Bono and Madonna sing songs to help Africa, I can do the same thing. I’m willing to help them, but not if this would mean that the prices of our products will increase - then I prefer them to be a bit poorer. In order to make it realistic, a full exposure of the human being Renzo Martens was necessary. So yes, I’m also very much myself.


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